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Arun Kumar


We Call Him: Arun

I've learned that without marketing and sales, even the best business will never grow.

"Any fool can make soap; it takes a genius to sell it."

–Mr. Gamble of Proctor & Gamble

Over the years, I've accumulated broad knowledge and expertise in International IT and IT enabled service requirements and solutions. I earned a Master's in Computer Applications, and a Master's in Business Administration (BPO). I applied my knowledge in real world situations, and reaped the results—both good and bad. I successfully launched and grew four lucrative brands:

Tanya Stewart, Esq.

Vice President - Strategy

We Call Her: Tanya

Tanya Stewart, founded The Stewart Law Firm in 2001. Her law firm specialized exclusively in the practice of high conflict litigation. She decided to step away from the dark side. After well over a decade of coaching people and taking businesses apart, she now only builds businesses.

She taught marketing for GKIC, the International Entrepreneur and Small Business Marketing company reaching one million business owners each year. She is now happily a full time marketing strategist, speaker and published author.

Scott Jensen

Client Support Manager

We Call Him: Scott

How do you balance the wealth of right brained tech info Scott has? Playing piano and taking pictures. A renaissance man.

Philip Segal

Paid Media Strategist

We Call Him: Phil

I am a creative yet analytical marketing professional who can drive initiatives from strategy to implementation to create growth.

Sasikumar Rajagopal

Technical Support – SEO & Online Marketing

We Call Him: Sasi

He worked for a real Sultan. (We thought that was cool. We wanted it on his cards.) Road tripping and trekking with friends would make him happy if we let him leave the office.

Senthil Kumar

Web Designer

We Call Him: Senthil

An Electrical Engineer who loves simplicity in design. He's addicted to design courses and learning photography. Logic and creativity with a side order of fun.
(We like well-rounded techies.)

Mahendran Natarajan

I enjoy life as a Web Developer

We Call Him: Mahe

Our resident coffee drinker who is pretty fancy in the kitchen when not cooking up JavaScripts.


Creative and Interactive Web & Graphic Designer

We Call Him: Arun

He's a music addicted pixel pusher and big sports freak.
(Yes, he works with headphones on…)

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