Using Bait Intrigue your Customers

Seeding and Feeding is the process for gaining new customers for your business.

Just like growing plants, it's all about planting thoughts in peoples' minds about your brand and nurturing the relationship to ensure a lifetime customer. You cannot begin to feed until you seed.

The 4th step in The Seeding Process is Baits.

If you're a fisherman, you are aware of the endless styles of bait available; spinner baits, plastic worms, jigs, etc. Unfortunately, there is not one miracle bait that attracts all fish. Each one is carefully designed for each type of fish, their environment, different climates, and different bodies of water.

Similar to fishing, potential customers require unique and personalized baits to get their attention;, once you have their attention, based on their stage in your sales process you can convey your message or do a sale. The bait must appeal to their lifestyle, passion and routines.

In a perfect marketing world, your potential clients would become lifetime customers after the first contact. But people usually need a push or some sort of convincing to give your brand a try. Sometimes that convincing comes in the form of word of mouth advertising from a friend. Sometimes the push comes from bait.

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Seeding Process

Feeding Process