3 Ways to Engage the Community

​Your marketing strategy should not only be about your product. If you learn anything about marketing from Marketing Perfected, it needs to be that marketing is the building and maintaining of relationships. Connecting to your customers creates a bond that goes far beyond the average customer who buys from you once in a while.

There are many ways to engage your community and spread the word about your brand. Every community is different; evaluate yours and determine some new and fresh ideas that would appeal to its members. To get you started, we've listed 3 ways to engage your community today.

1. Customer Spotlight. People love to be noticed and recognized. Your customers have already decided that you are a valuable asset to their lives. They buy from you and value your brand. What better way to show appreciation than by highlighting a special customer each week, month or quarter for various reasons? This is a great way to get to know your customers and show appreciation for their patronage. Your Customer Spotlight campaign could recognize a customer for community involvement or a simple "Get To Know Our Customers" campaign that offers basic information about someone. Whichever path you take, your customers will appreciate the thought and effort. 

2. Partnerships with Surrounding Businesses. If you're a small business, you are likely surrounded by other businesses in your area. Each company around you serves as an opportunity for partnership. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to evaluate how to connect your brand with another, but it can be done. For example, if you own a car wash business, consider partnering with the nearest tune-up shop to offer discounts. One discount could be 25% off a car wash with a receipt from an oil change. The offer should be relevant to each business and promote sales at both. Partnerships also promote convenience for your customers. When two of their needs are so close to each other, they will take advantage of a good deal!

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Results Gaining Trust

Seeding and Feeding is the process for gaining new customers for your business.

Just like growing plants, it's all about planting thoughts in peoples' minds about your brand and nurturing the relationship to ensure a lifetime customer.

Unfortunately, plants don't need to trust you to accept food; customers do.

The 5th step in The Seeding Process is Results.

Imagine the process of growing a plant. It takes more than just planting a seed. To nourish the plant in hopes of a healthy, fruitful bush, you must feed and water it. You will water the soil, creating a mud for the plant to live in. Plant food can easily reach the roots through the wet mud. Sunlight penetrates the leaves and stems. All the while, the plant accepts all of this. These are all aspects essential to plant growth. These are all welcomed by the plant.

Now think of your potential customers. How can you gain their trust and get them to accept and welcome you into their lives? After step 4 in the Seeding Process, which is Bait, the customer will likely begin to accept you. They've seen your name a few times; they've received some sort of special offer. The seed has been planted. It's now time to encourage them to share contact information.

Information can be collected in the form of an email address, phone number or, through the #1 way, sales. A few other avenues for information:

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  • Twitter Follow
  • LinkedIn Connection
  • Newsfeed Subscribe
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Seeding Process

Feeding Process