The Touching Formula 70/20/10

The Seeding and Feeding Process is a proven formula for gaining new clients.

For an effective marketing strategy, you must plant thoughts into potential clients' minds and then feed and nurture them to gain their business.

A similar formula is just as important, known as the touching formula.

"Touching" your potential customers is simply contacting them, in any form. Once your clients have expressed trust and shared contact information, the touching can begin. The touching formula follows a 70/20/10 rule. This is slightly different from the 80/20 rule mentioned in step 3. The reason for the change is because the potential clients have now shown interest, leaving you confident that contacting them would be accepted.

The breakdown ratio goes like this:

  • 70% - What would they like to hear?
    • Sports, cooking, hunting, outdoor activities​
    • Tie in the desired subject area to the message​
  • 20% - Inside your Service/Product​
    • Provide a case study​​
    • Client Testimonial​​
    • Non-profit involvement information​​
  • 10% - Reason they should engage with you​​
    • Special Gift
    • Discount​​​
    • Free Offer​​​
    • Endless options here!​

The messaging is equally as important to the media you choose. It is essential to use different media and try new ones often. Document what works and what doesn't, similar to tracking KPIs. For example, if you choose email as your media, track which subject lines get higher open rate. Your media options are literally endless.

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Seeding Process

Feeding Process