Prospect Profiling A Portrait of Your Customers

Prospect Profiling is the 2nd step in The Seeding Process.

Seeding and Feeding is the process for reaching and selling new customers for your business.

Just like growing plants, this process is all about planting thoughts in peoples' minds about your brand and nurturing the relationship to ensure a lifetime customer. You cannot begin to feed until you seed.

Once you know who your potential customers are, you can effectively communicate to them.

We've all heard the word demographic. We know what it means. But does your business understand its specific demographic? You may have a basic understanding of who your customers are – maybe they're sports fans or coffee drinkers – but there are many more details of their lives that you must know to effectively market to them.

Profiling your prospects takes more than simply knowing what they like. Here are a few additional things to consider when profiling your prospects:

  • What is their daily routine?
  • What is their average family size?
  • What type of car do they drive?
  • Do they prefer indoor or outdoor activities?
  • What is their passionate area?
  • What is their ideal vacation spot?

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Seeding Process

Feeding Process